Our first review!! Pho Mama, Carrollton, TX

In the midst of a day of cellular drama, attempting to upgrade my phone to a Samsung Epic 4G, C and I saw a little Vietnamese place called Pho Mama in Carrollton.  There’s no way you can resist a little Vietnamese place called Pho Mama, so we took a break from the phone debacle to partake of lunch.

Pho Mama Vienamese Cuisine

We started with shrimp spring rolls with peanut sauce, a Dr. Pepper for me, and an iced tea lemonade for C.  For lunch, C ordered vermicelli with pork and an eggroll, and I ordered shrimp and chicken soup bowl with egg noodles.

Mr.  Danh, the owner of the establishment, greeted us, took our order, and chatted with us occasionally throughout the lunch.  He was friendly, funny, and so sweet.  C and I both decided we’d go back just to visit with him and check on his family.  He used to own a Vietnamese place in Lewisville several years ago, and just opened up Pho Mama a few months ago.

Mr. Danh (as sweet as his is) isn’t the only thing that is bringing us back to Pho Mama.  The food was delicious!  It came out quickly, the ingredients were fresh, and everything was tasty.  My soup bowl was hot and steaming, full of egg noodles, chicken, shrimp, and green onions, and came with a side of fresh basil, sliced jalapenos, fresh cilantro, and lime.  I added everything in and the first taste was amazing!  Perfect for a cold overcast day.

C’s pork dish came on rice noodles with a bit of shredded lettuce, and a sweet sauce on the side that he poured over top.  The pork was flavorful and tender, and the sauce added a nice touch of sweetness.  He also got a pork eggroll that was nice and crispy.

We finished up lunch, and went up to the front counter to pay Mr. Danh.  They are running a special, buy one meal, get the second 30% off.  So two meals, spring rolls, and drinks ran us a total of about $21.  What a bargain.  C grabbed a couple of fortune cookies on the way out, and even those were pretty good!

The bottom line:

C’s rating of Pho Mama:


K’s rating of Pho Mama:

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