Bose saved the Day

Now, I have had my eye on the Bose Soundock  for some time.  I always enjoy  pressing the demo button at Best Buy. (I like that buttons light up, don’t let me near the “red” button)  I could not only plug my ipod into the system, but could also plug the Blue Ray into it, thus transforming my poor little Samsung speakers into Bose lovelyness.  It is small enough to fit amongst the books on my shelf and sounds amazing.

I guess this is also a critique on the lack of sound from the Samsung 32″ flatscreen…Now, this might be a little naive on my part, but when I purchased the under-developed TV, I thought that the speakers would be improved much like the improvement from ye olde CRT screens to HD screen.  Boy, was I wrong.  There is a particular decibel….no, not the “brown” note, but there is a particular tone that the Samsung puts out that it just can’t handle and it is annoying.

Now I don’t mind hearing normal stations with the default speakers, but for movies and the “movie” experience, the BOSE saves the day.  How did Lucas put it when justifying SKYWALKER SOUND, “Sound is 50% of the experience…”

Thank you BOSE.

Rating: 9/10 Mangoes


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