Daddio’s Jazz Cafe, Fort Worth, TX

C and I were doing a little antique shopping (and when C and I do a little antique shopping, that mostly means we wander around making fun of things and in general having no useful knowledge about antiques whatsoever), and decided to stop for a bit of lunch to refuel.

Across the street from the shop was a cute little place that advertised gyros.  Seeing as how our first “official” date was a Greek place, we both a soft spot in our hearts for gyros, and this cute little building had a lot of eclectic charm.  It was shoo in for lunch choice.

When we got in, it only got better.  We couldn’t tell from the outside, but it was actually a jazz cafe with a trio (piano, trumpet, bass) playing in the corner.  The audience was lively and the jazz was just the right amount of familiarity.  We got our menus, and decided on a sample platter:  hummus, tazitki, tabouli, gyro meat, and pita bread.

Unfortunately, this was the high point of the lunch.

First off, C ordered iced tea (per usual), but they didn’t stock Splenda.  Bummer.

Second, when our food came, the portions were shockingly small.  We chose the sample platter to share, thinking that meat, sauces, and bread would be a boon for lunch.  Unfortunately it wasn’t much more than an appetizer.

Third, the hummus (my personal litmus test for all things Mediterranean) was not particularly good.  It was a bit watery, and did not have that creamy, tahini sort of taste I love.  To be fair, the tazitki was delicious, and the lamb (although skimpy in quantity) was juicy and flavorful.

All in all, C and I were disappointed in the food but overall impressed enough with the charm of the place that we had still considered the outing a success.  But then came those fateful words, “We only take cash or check.”  Say what??  (My response, delayed and only to C, “That’s ok, we only pay for good food.”)

We had to drive to an ATM to get cash and go back!  At the end of a disappointing meal, the last thing you want to do is go out of your way to pay for the blasted thing!  And what sort of restaurant only takes cash or check?  People still carry checks??  I thought you just kept them to sign up for direct deposit when you get a new job.  Honestly.

So, all in all, it was a disappointing lunch.  Luckily I enjoy being with C enough that even a bad lunch is fun!  (And, they did have Dr. Pepper so it wasn’t all bad.)

C’s rating of Daddio’s:  2/10 mangoes

K’s rating of Daddio’s: 2/10 mangoes

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4 Responses to Daddio’s Jazz Cafe, Fort Worth, TX

  1. Becca says:

    You are so cute. I HATE the only take cash thing! If its an awesome place and I know beforehand I put up with it, but if the food is not good I avoid.

    You should try The Greek Cafe in the Bishop Arts District! Its fabu!

  2. We haven’t explored the Bishop Arts District much yet 😦

    I still want to take C to the chocolate place on Oaklawn for truffles and jazz, too!

  3. Dillypoo says:

    There’s only one thing on their menu that I order, and I can’t remember the name of it (dagnabbit!). It’s a sandwich and has jalapenos on it. Too. Die. For.

  4. Really? I’d almost be willing to try it again if it’s that good!

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