Thai Papaya Garden, Bedford, TX

Coming off a weekend of tonsilitus, I didn’t have anything planned for Valentine’s Day, aka Valentime’s Day.  So I had to plan fast.  The wheels started to turn in my massive brain and K and I decided to meet somewhere between Fort Worth and Dallas.  Thai Papaya sounded yummy.  And they certainly were ready for the event.

The place was decked out with streamers and tinsel, counterpointed with a smattering of hearts hanging from the ceiling.  Nice.  Thank you Thai Papaya.

The small novella bound in hardwood, yes hardwood, served a dual purpose:  our menu and raising the dead.  I swear the carved cover looked very similar to the book of the dead in the MUMMY sans gold inlay.  It was quite the show stopper.

Weighed a good 5 pounds.

On menu: Crispy Whole Fish (In Season) and Spicy Papaya Salad(level 2(I know, we are wimps))

Fish was good, but lacked that great garlic sauce that I love so much.  I think that might have been another dish.  The rice did come in heart shapes though.  Again, thank you Thai Papaya.  Even without the sauce, we attacked and devoured the fish.  The Spicy Papaya salad was a nice sweet/sour/spicy combination that cleansed the palette almost like ginger shavings when eating sushi.

Dessert: Fried Bananas and Vanilla Ice Cream

I think the oil from the fryer was the same oil for the fish, it seemed a bit “used”, but I’m partial to this dish.  I’ve had something similar when I get fried cheese cake in a crepe/roll format and that has always done me right.  Oh my, cheesecake sounds good right now.  The umbrella and cherry helped the situation.  The parsley, not so much.


C, 7/10

K, 6/10

ps.  K and I are still together.

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