Benito’s, Fort Worth, TX

1450 West Magnolia

Tonight K and I went to an art show for a good friend.  (She’s fantastic!)  Afterwards we went to dinner to celebrate the successful evening at a Mexican place in Fort Worth called Benito’s.  The group was all long time fans of the place, but it was the first time K and I had been.

K ordered Tostadas de Chorizo and I had pork tacos.  Both of our meals came with a bowl of tortilla soup, rice, and beans.  One of my favorite things–no Chips and Salsa to tide you over.  No Chips and Salsa to distract you, just good, authentic Mexican food.

As I ate, I was reminded of grandmother’s cooking (Victoria, TX style) and visits to her house when she would cook us something no matter the time of day.  As a young boy, I would help grind up those spices for Chile con Carne.  Whoa boy, I still remember the pungent smell of that cumin…so lovely!

If you are expecting a franchise culinary experience a la El Fenix, Posados, or El Chico, (or, God forbid, Pancho’s) you will be disappointed.

C 9/10, K 6/10 (she missed the chips and salsa.  This begs an important question:  Does Chips and Salsa define a Mexican restaurant? for K it does, for C it does not, chips and salsa although good, especially when “warm” salsa, is part distraction from what is really on stage–the meal.)

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4 Responses to Benito’s, Fort Worth, TX

  1. Les says:

    Salsa is important to me because a good Mexican restaurant will have an authentic salsa. But more important is the meat and homemade tortillas. Well, and the refried beans. Oh, and the tamales. Okay, so there’s a lot more to it for me. Chips/salsa isn’t a deal breaker for me. The deal breaker is lard. The more lard a Mexican meal can pack in the more authentic it is to me. Gross, right? Hey, I’m from the Valley. What can I say?

  2. K says:

    I think the consensus was yes on the lard and the authenticity. They did have a salsa that was more like pico, so I was not a big fan of that. As for the tortillas, I’m torn… they served corn instead of flour, which I loved, but I have a feeling they were Tia Rosa tortillas, which is a slight let down.

    The meat was A plus! Especially C’s pork!

  3. Dillypoo says:

    They have both corn and flour tortillas. You should’ve sat next to me! I had the flour tortillas, and they’re better.

    I go to Pulido’s for corn tortillas.

  4. I think I tried to sit by you, and The Professor ruined our seating arrangement!

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