Controversy has struck the “House of Mango”

Well, we knew it wouldn’t last forever, but our rating of “G” has now faded into a “PG-13”.  Chasey W’s comments are engrained in our minds forever.   Pretty powerful words, even with the typos:

“I doubt you pallet is that awesome that you can tell if they were Tia Rosa or not. I bet you wouldn’t think so if the lady that broke her back all day making those tortillas came out and slapped the snoodiness out of your mouth with her flour covered hands. I bet she would even break your fingers if she knew that you were blogging @#$%! about her tortillas.”

I love your passion Chasey.

But let’s just hold on to the gravy train for one minute.  First, my passionate defender of tortilla makers everywhere, I never said the tortillas weren’t good!  Just that they tasted like the Tia Rosa ones I buy at the store.  (And if I didn’t like the Tia Rosa one’s, I wouldn’t buy them, now would I??)  But, since you asked, sort of, it’s just that I prefer the kind of tortillas that are a little thicker and chewier, something one step closer to a pita (shout out to Las Americas in Nashville, TN!  What!  Best corn tortillas EVER!).

So thank you Chasey, for standing up for the back breaking labor of tortillarias!  I’m with you!  If you want to pop over to and start a petition to raise the wages of food workers, I’ll be the first to sign!  I am a true and devoted appreciater of their work.  But unfortunately, your comments are moderated.  This is, after all, a family blog.

(Disclaimer:  Okay, the real point of this post is to celebrate that C and I got spammed!  Wow!  I feel like we’ve finally arrived as a blog.  So, seriously Chasey, thanks for making us feel just a little bit special today.) ❤

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One Response to Controversy has struck the “House of Mango”

  1. Becca says:

    =) I heart you. Too funny

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