Anderson’s VS Angelo’s: The BBQ Wars

Mike Anderson’s BBQ and Angelo’s BBQ.  Two joints that are stuck in a temporal vortex, in a good way.

This is what I remember from growing up during the 70’s and 80’s — old wood, vinyl and chrome furniture and random animal heads hanging on the wall (more so with Angelo’s).

Now, I have to be forthcoming.  I was a tad bit under-the-weather when visiting K for lunch.  She wanted to go to what she referred to as “her old BBQ joint”.  I love me some BBQ, so, of course, I am not going to argue.  I think the bill for both of us was about $25 dollars with no dessert, but they did have some mean cobbler I was eying.  Sliced beef brisket and sausage sandwich for me, sliced beef brisket sandwich for K.  I will say that the portions were enough for lunch and dinner which was a big plus so I think that for the price, it evens out.  And now that I am thinking of it…I posted a question regarding Salsa and whether or not it defines a Mexican restaurant.  Let’s expand this to BBQ.  Question:  Does a BBQ sauce define a BBQ joint?  Yes, it most certainly does.  I won’t get into the argument of “wet” vs. “dry”, only because I likes mine “wet”, end of story.  I grew up “wet”, I aged “wet” and I will probably die “wet”.  All this to say “the sauce is boss” and Anderson’s sauce was pretty good, sweet and thick.  What is your favorite sauce?  Or for the “dry” individuals, favorite “rubs”?  Sweet beans, mustard potato salad, garlic mashed potatoes were excellent.

I ate at Angelo’s with my friend N.  I liked it from the moment I drove up.  You can see the pit and hear an exhaust fan from the moment you get of the car.  Subquestion:  Does the more rustic a building/facade define how good the BBQ will be?  If so, this place beats out Anderson’s only because it has a vast array of stuffed fauna peppering the walls. Nice touch.  (and if I may add in a movie quote here “where is the rest of this moose?”)

But the good feelings didn’t last.  I purchased the chopped beef plate which comes with beans, potato salad, coleslaw, two pieces of bread, sauce and drink for about 9 dollars.  Not bad, but no left overs.  Maybe I was hungrier.  Question:  Chopped vs. Sliced Beef?  Does sliced give you a more fatty texture and chopped not so much?  But then again do you enjoy the fattiness? (to quote another movie: “you kill the fat, you kill the burger”)  I don’t mind the fat, but I will have to say that there are varying degrees of this fattiness.  In Angelo’s case, it was more liquid than substance and thus made the meat kinda runny.  The meat was also kinda stringy and well, like I said, lacked substance.  The sauce was almost.  Beans, potato salad and slaw was ok.  Maybe I will go for the sliced beef next time.

Verdict: Anderson’s is a go!

Mango Verdict:

Anderson’s 7/10, Angelo’s 3/10.

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