The Kids are Alright

The Kid’s Are Alright is a family drama.  Relationships, new love, losing love, trust and betrayal.  A teenage brother and sister, when the oldest turns 18, contacts the sperm bank their moms used, and find their sperm donor.  He disrupts the family dynamic, but by the end of the movie, maybe for the better.

I enjoyed Mark Ruffalo’s character.  Was this because the women just found him irresistible, even asking the age-old Seinfeld question (can you make them change teams)? While I do feel his motivations are well placed concerning his position with his sperm-donor kids, things just get, well, out of control.  Maybe he’s used to his charm and good looks too much and it gets the best of him. (naiveté?)

I did also enjoy the relationship between Annette Bening and Julianne Moore and their interaction with the kids.  Questions relating to the “emotional state” of their kids seemed more funny coming out of Moore’s quasi-hippie mouth.

In some ways, I liked the utter, stark reality of the characters.  Life isn’t perfect, families aren’t perfect, and this one was definitely not perfect.  The tender moments were spaced far between the more frequent misunderstandings, miscommunications, and mistakes.  But, for K at least, sometimes watching those themes (and that reality) unfold, becomes too painful to qualify as entertainment, and brutal infidelity tends to be one of those times.  (oops!  I think that might have been a spoiler… sorry, folks.)

Reminded me of: The Birdcage, Laurel Canyon, Sideways.

Mangoes: C 6/10, K 4/10.

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