Chapstick, a review

Chapstick, the balm of lips, the smoother of kisses, that tasty little stick of wax and oil.  I present to you:

Dr. Pepper Chapstick

The Goddess

My current, all time favorite chapstick ever, hands down, bar none, is Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers chapstick.  I adore this chapstick.  It’s light and goes on smooth.  It has the sheerest of tints to it that accentuates your lip pigment, rather than adding to it.  It tastes good enough to eat.  And for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to have that problem of rolling up while in my pocket and smashing the chapstick all over the inside of the lid (I’m talking to you ChapStick!)  It’s inexpensive, available at every Walmart in the country, and you don’t have to go reapplying every 16 seconds.  This is the chapstick of champions, my friends.

But, if I’m not feeling the DPCS (that’s Dr. Pepper chapstick to the uninitiated) mood, I’ll reach for my second favorite chapsticks of all time:  Ganache for Lips. Ganache for Lips

Ganache for lips is a brand I found recommended on Pioneer Woman (I think) and I purchased three flavors:  Chocolate Mint, Lemon Mousse, and Chocolate Marzipan.  Please do not ask me to pick a favorite.  It’s simply not possible.

If anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas this year, I still need to add Chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate Hazelnut to my collection.

Ganache for Lips is a little bit thicker than my number 1 DPCS.  That makes it perfect for really windy days, or days when I have a cold and I know I’m going to need extra lip protection.  And seriously, these guys taste like dessert.  It’s difficult not to get into the ol’ apply-lick-repeat routine.

To round out our little trifecta of chapstick greatness, I present my third favorite chapstick of all time:  jane Be Pure Mineral Lip Balm, clear wintergreen flavor. jane Lip Balm

I love this chapstick because when it goes on, it feels soft and silky like water.  This particular flavor is clear (there are also tinted options) and gives your lips a nice shine.  I like the light minty flavor, and the chapstick feels cool and refreshing.  My only peeve with jane is that the chapstick is so silky soft, just carrying it around in your pocket can melt it a little.  So this one stays on my desk at work where the temperature seems to hover at a balmy 68 degrees.  (I also keep lots and lots of sweaters there!)

Any other chapstick recommendations I should try?

DPCS and Ganache for lips: 10/10 mangoes

jane Be Pure: 9/10 mangoes

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