Hammerhead Sushi (aka, “the day of Groupon’s epic fail”)

(K wants me to let you know that “Groupon will definitely redeem themselves with the Dr. Pepper visit”)

However, Hammerhead Sushi… not so much.  We were seated and we sat, and sat, and sat and then were asked if we had been helped.  Nice.  At least we had plenty of time to look around.  The modern and dark decor looked cheap.  I think being so close to TCU, they were hoping for more of the college crowd to help them out financially, but it doesn’t show.  Tough times, I guess.

And what is it with these names for rolls?  Ninja Super Samuri Shaggy Volcano Roll?  Maybe some of these are a little much.  Fancy names not withstanding, the rolls fell apart easily.  I can’t stand that.  It’s annoying when you’re trying to eat.  Maybe “Ninja Crumble Roll” hmm? That works.

And it was expensive, even with the Groupon.  But do not fear, loyal fans, K and I have had good luck with Cafe Hana, on Cooper in Arlington.  (Try the soft shell crab, you won’t regret it.)  Good prices and possibly more important, you’re not left to wonder when you will be served.  We are also planning to try Sushi Yoko soon.  Finger’s crossed!

C’s rating of Hammerhead Sushi: 2/10 mangoes

K’s rating of Hammerhead Sushi: 2/10 mangoes

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