So, remember how I mentioned we made exceptions for a few select chain restaurants?  Hello, Gloria’s.  My name is K, and I love you.  I took C for his first visit to Gloria’s ever, the other weekend.  I’ll be honest, I pretty much go to Gloria’s for the black bean dip, salsa, and chips.  I could live on that combination if you threw in the occasional Dr. Pepper.  And when I love something that much, I always want to share it with C.  Also, I feel justified in eating it when he loves it, too.

We went to the Gloria’s in Fort Worth (but there are several around the metroplex) at Montgomery Plaza.  And can I just say that you know that you are made for each other when you both like to mix the salsa in with the black bean dip AND you don’t care if anyone is double dipping?  True love, people.

After gorging ourselves on chips and dips, C and I had our entrees.  We both went with a pork tenderloin, Asado de Puerco Salvatex for C, and Lechon Asado for me.  They came with rice and beans and the tenderloin was bathing in an ancho chile sauce!  Mwa!

Gloria’s has always been one of my favs, and C really enjoyed it, too.  We even met some friends at another location (Colleyville) the next weekend.  And, I’ll admit, I’m rather pleased that he loves that dip as much as I do!

C’s rating of Gloria’s: 8.5/10 mangoes

K’s rating of Gloria’s:  8/10 mangoes

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2 Responses to Gloria’s

  1. Becca AKA AmazonaWomona says:

    I LOVE the shrimp soup!

  2. Pointhalf says:

    Gloria’s. Excellent choice.

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