Everything German, Bedford TX

We’ve been having an extra busy couple of weeks at work.  I definitely prefer to stay busy – it makes the days go by faster, and I think I just work a little better when there’s some pressure – but after busy days I end up coming home exhausted and not accomplishing much.  And then, as I’m sitting on the couch watching MacGyver on YouTube, and my laundry is piling up around me, I start to feel the teensiest twinge of guilt that I’m not actually doing anything.

And then comes C to save the day.  I get the text that makes my heart go pitter-patter.  “Want to meet me tonight?  For a date?”

This week C and I met at a place called Everything German for dinner.  They have a nice little following on facebook, so we thought we’d give it a try.  The dinners came with a salad, standard greens and cucumbers in a ranch-like dill dressing, and a dinner roll.  C had a schnitzel in gravy with stewed cabbage and spaetzle and I went for a wurst plate with German potato salad and sauerkraut.

And although I was really hoping, it just wasn’t very good.  Most of the food was a little bland, except for one of the sausages on my plate that seemed to have gotten all the salt from both C’s and my meal.  The dinner rolls seemed to be kept warm under an air conditioning vent, with the centers approaching freezing point.  C’s schnitzel was saved by the gravy, which was probably the best part of the meal, but wasn’t particularly flavorful.

We did hope that we could salvage the dinner with dessert and ordered apple streusel.  Mistake.  The filling (apples and mixed nuts) tasted like they had been boiled together overnight.  The pastry was kept warmed up under the same air conditioning vent the rolls were under.  There was a nice bavarian cream on top, though.  So we ate that!

Anyway, after a quick stop to Sonic to cleanse our palates (holla dolla menu!) C and I were able to look back on the date with complete satisfaction!  And we’ll stick with the Bavarian Bakery and Cafe for our schnitzel needs!

C’s rating of Everything German:  2/10 mangoes

C’s rating of the Bavarian Bakery and Cafe:  9/10 mangoes (the guy loves his cookies, I tell you)

K’s rating of Everything German:  3/10 mangoes

K’s rating of the Bavarian Bakery and Cafe:  7.5/10 mangoes

**update** This place has closed.

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2 Responses to Everything German, Bedford TX

  1. Juliane says:

    Hey girlfriend,
    saw you on my blog and thought I’d check out yours 🙂 how fitting that I came to your German food post…I was born in Germany and lived there until 2003. I have NEVER had any type of “German” food in America that came even close to what we actually eat over there. Seriously. Sorry you had a not so tastey experience 😦 but hey, it’s still better than having to clean up after dinner in your own kitchen 🙂

  2. Hi Juliane! Thanks for checking us out! I was telling C, after we ate at this place, that when I read all these great reviews for a German place and I just don’t think it’s that good, I wonder if maybe I don’t actually like authentic German food and I just like more Americanized stuff. Because really, I have no way to tell if the restaurant is authentic or not! There are some places I LOVE, but I dislike several of the very popular ones. Anyhoo, not that it matters. Anything is way better than doing dishes 🙂

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