Dear John Letters

Dear “A Woman’s Work”:

I find you offensive, demeaning, horrifying, and insulting.  To take the entire diversity of the world’s women and wrap them up in a single package of “babies, birth, and breastfeeding” is to ignore every other contribution women have made and continue to make.  Labeling these things “A Woman’s Work” implies totality, entirety, and the full sum of what you think a woman should be engaged in.  I have news for you, store owner, women can do much much more than give birth to babies and breastfeed them.

Look, I think babies, birth, and breastfeeding are delightful.  But it really chaffs my nay nays when women are compartmentalized in such a way that only adds to the guilt and sorrow that women who can not or choose not to fulfill that role feel.

Here’s a newsflash for you:  it’s time to stick a fork in sexism.  It’s done.


C & K

UPDATE: When C and I were in Houston a few months ago, we noticed this store was closed!! Yay! (Yes, we are taking full credit.)

A store front in The Village, West University, Houston, Texas

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