Zeke’s Fish and Chips

It’s been a while and we’ve been a little lazy.  Ok so I, C, have been lazy.  (Tisk, tisk)   As you may or may not know, K and I have decided to move in and around my apartment in a radial fashion, exploring, much like my Spanish ancestors, only we go to eat, not to pillage.  (well maybe pillage sometimes)  Hidden amongst the close eateries is Zeke’s Fish and Chips.  Zagat’s rated in 2007, I think. (Btw, every time I see a Zagats rating, I immediately rifle through memories of Chris Farley reading the Zagats guide with Adam Sandler, an old SNL clip)

K had Fish tacos and I had a shrimp po-boy.  Since its been a while, I’ll do my best to recollect.  The po-boy was ok, but I was especially impressed with the size of K’s breaded fish for her tacos. They were pretty generous pieces and good tasting.  The fried zucchini has a cornmeal coating that was a bit awkward.  I don’t usually eat hush puppies, but they were the winner of the day, which isn’t saying much, because with all that fried goodness, we both paid in trips to the porcelain throne.

Now, I tend to be a sucker for sweets and sitting on a small glass tray these cute little brownies were shouting “hey C, we are only $.30 each, how bad could we be?  I mean come on, we are cute and look like chocolate brownies.”  Well, “Fool me once, shame on me….”  I will be honest, they looked like run-of-the-mill brownies, but tasted like nothing, well maybe like a moist sponge that has been sitting in the sink for a couple of days, but that’s a slight stretch.  “How do you get something that brown without using cocoa?”  K asked.  I just sat dumbfounded, having been emotionally and physically lied to.  My tongue and stomach are still depressed.

C’s Rating of Zeke’s:

4 out of 10 mangoes

K’s Rating of Zekes:

(It would have been a 7, but after getting sick…) 5 out of 10 mangoes

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