On July 4th C and I met my mom, sister, and nephew at the dollar theater for a $0.75 viewing of the movie Rio.  Although I think it was a 3D movie, we saw it in the regular (can I say better?) format.

It turned out to be a good choice to go on the 4th.  Do you remember that part of Finding Neverland where J.M. Barrie saves seats at the opening of Peter Pan for the orphans?  And when the curtain goes up all the kids laugh at Nana getting the beds ready?  I love that scene, when all those stuffy theater patrons are given permission to remember what it’s like to be a kid, and laugh at the silly stuff.  Well, watching Rio was kind of like that.  Despite the occasional outburst of yelling, it was actually pretty fun to have all the kids packing the theater and laughing at the silly parts.

Rio is the story of a little lost bird, Blu (voiced by Jesse Eisenberg), the last male of his kind.  He finds himself raised and living in Minnesota (aka “tiny-sota”), until an ornithologist from Brazil comes and asks his owner Linda to bring him to Rio where he can mate with the last female of his kind, a wild bird named Jewel (voiced by Anne Hathaway).

Well, if you imagine a city-boy, can’t fly, Blu from the cold weather of Minnesota tossed into Rio during the middle of Carnival with a no-nonsense, wild flying Jewel from the amazon jungles, add in some poachers, a couple of love stories, rapping and crooning side-kicks (voiced by Jaime Foxx (did I miss the fact that he has a beautiful voice somewhere??), George Lopez, and Will.i.Am), and throw in dance sequences and plenty of physical humor, there you have Rio in a nutshell.  It was funny, silly, fast-paced, sweet, and all together a pretty satisfying 90 minutes.

On the other hand C texted his brother after we saw the film and said “a typical non-Pixar animated film”.  Of course, C is a Pixar snob, and even loved Toy Story 3, which was only a far cry from their normal amazing quality.  (C:  Yes, I am a Pixar snob, having watched The Pixar Story about 50 times. Thank you.)

K’s rating of Rio:  6.5/10 mangoes

C’s rating of Rio:  6/10 mangoes

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