Thai Select, Fort Worth, TX

Thai Select

The storefront

This unassuming little guy opened for business several months ago.  C and I were early patrons, it’s convenient location just down from Sprouts made it a shoo-in for our visitation schedule.  Our first visit was good, but didn’t make so much of an impact that we were heading back any time soon.

But last weekend we stopped by again for lunch, and either we were hungrier or the food had been kicked up a notch.

Ground chicken basil thing

We were given the lunch menu (served until 2:30) which included an entree, a salad, and a spring roll or egg roll.  If memory serves, all lunch entrees were less than $9.  Seeing as how we are a bit rusty I didn’t think to write down our orders, and frankly my Thai is just about as good as my, well, any other language than English.

Strawberry boba tea. Why is this called tea?

I ordered a ground chicken basil dish with rice, lemon dressing on my salad, and the spring roll.  C went for drunken noodles, ranch dressing, and the egg roll.  He also threw in a strawberry boba tea just to keep things interesting.

Salad and Spring Roll

Drunken noodles












All in all, this lunch was a success.  Inexpensive, delicious food, and frankly, a really wonderful surprise!  If you are in the area, be sure to make a stop in.

C and K’s rating of Thai Select: 8/10 mangoes


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