Mochi Kitchen, Haltom City

Last night we went to dinner with our good friends A and J.  A shares our love for the Groupon, and she had one for a little sushi place in Haltom City called Mochi Kitchen.

From the Mochi Kitchen facebook page

Mochi had some circumstances working against it last night.  First of all, it’s tiny.  Like maximum occupancy of 30 tiny.  Second, there was exactly one waitress and one sushi chef working.  Total.  And finally, the place was packed.  All the seats were filled and people kept coming in.  It was the last night the Groupon could be used, and A and I are thinking that the troops were out in force to get their value for the money, so to speak.

It made for an interesting dining experience.  The waitress would bring something out when it was ready, which we would eat, and finish up just in time for her to bring out the next thing.  Our food was not anywhere synchronized, so C and I would get something, then A and J would, and back and forth.  No fussy manners at this dining establishment.  If you wait until everyone gets their food, everything would be cold!

That being said, the food was pretty good.  I had a house salad and C started with miso soup.  Poor C didn’t ever get a spoon, but he sallied-forth and slurped it down anyway.  But the house salad, with greens, cucumbers, shredded carrots, tomatoes, and crispy wantons in house ginger dressing, emerged as the early favorite.

We ordered 3 different sushi rolls but our poor waitress misheard one of them as “chicken teriyaki bowl” so we got to sample that, too.  All in all the food was pretty good.  Not the best sushi I’ve had, but decent.  Prices for our rolls were about $9.

We spent a good 2 hours at Mochi Kitchen, but despite the obvious stress the two employees were under, everyone maintained a happy attitude and went with the flow.  I remarked to C that it all felt very Parisian.  (Not the happy attitude, the 2 hour dining…)

C’s rating of Mochi Kitchen: 6/10 mangoes

K’s rating of Mochi Kitchen: 7/10 mangoes

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