Salt Lake City Public Library (AKA, I had no idea it was this beautiful)


We just happened to be parked for Thai Lunch and Dessert with K’s friend and didn’t notice until our return that we were parked next to the Public Library.  We walked in and we marveled at the architectural greatness.  I had so many favorite elements regarding the building:  Rooftop garden (above pic), Access to rooftop, Study desk access(on the left side of picture below), the transparent elevators, the boutique shops on the first floor(K got a ring).

In short, K and I would move to Salt Lake City based purely on this building and it’s function.(Don’t tell Todd)

We glanced at their book selection and although we couldn’t check anything out, we wanted every book in the Art/Design section.


K’s Rating: Eight thousand billion mangoes.

C’s Rating: 10 Mangoes. (I’ll stick with the proper rating system)

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