Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Very sad, very very sad, but I would watch it again.  Gave me that wonderful feeling of resolution, much akin to Billy Elliot, where, in the end, things are resolved, and characters change.  Not everything mind you, but some things.  (And this is my journey as well)

The best thing about this movie is the journey.  Well that and a nod to the “hand-made”.  In many instances you get a glance into the creativity of the characters of which the father  passes onto the son.  I could watch those scenes over and over again.  In many ways the gathering of information (the journey) was a lot like a documentary.  A collection of real stories from real people.  I loved every creative detail:  the sketches, the photos, the notes in the margins, the shadow puppets, etc.  There are however, bigger messages to this movie, but I do want to let you know what kind of things I look for, attach myself too and beg myself to try, even just once.

The boy is an adventurer and while he has many anxieties, sets off anyway.  Reminded of when pushed into a corner, kids will explore/survive (Empire of the Sun). There is no stopping a child’s curiosity.  He analyzes, collects, researches with the dexterity of a Doctoral candidate.  I loved his minutia, his shrine to his hero.

I found myself wanting to resolve things in my own life while watching–thinking of my family and issues that we all have and most of all forgiveness.  I told K after we had packed up our pillow fort that this could have been a father and son movie and the relationships therein, but that is leaving out a large chunk of the equation–mothers/wives.

K’s Rating: 9 mangoes

C’s Rating: 9 mangoes

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