Tropical Sno – Moab, UT

K and I have been on a good sized road trip to Cedar Hills, UT.  The weather has been pretty good.  Cooler than our home in Texas thats for sure.  There is however, one leg through our travels when we felt some hot, moisture draining temps especially through Utah.  Now K and I get a hankering for Snow Cones ever now and again, but this increases once the temperature increases.  In our home town of Fort Worth, I think anyone would enjoy it in 100+ degree weather.  In short, we were needing some sweet refreshment for the road.

We couldn’t find one stinking Snow Cone/Shaved Ice set up anywhere off the main road.  That is until we hit Moab.

Light shaved ice, Hawaiian style.  Oh man, oh man, what a life saver.  This was nothing like what I remember snow cones.  Fluffy syrup impregnated cold loveliness.  We both got our usual flavors and enjoyed a break from driving and took in, although briefly, the sights and sounds of a cool town.  Thank you Moab and thank you Tropical Sno.

As you can see, we couldn’t wait to enjoy.

K’s Rating: 10 mangoes

C’s Rating: 10 mango snow cones

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2 Responses to Tropical Sno – Moab, UT

  1. Dillypoo says:

    Feeling better, I see!

  2. Josh reeder says:

    We are so glad you enjoyed tropical Sno in moab! I was doing a little market research and found your nice article about my shave ice trailer. I wanted to invite you to leave a review on trip advisor if you feel so inclined. You can also find us on Facebook under moab tropical Sno. Thanks again! We love to hear stories like this about our customers.

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