So, our friend A texted me and was like, J and I are starving and want to go to the movies to see Bernie after we eat.  And I texted back and was like, you know me and C, we are ALWAYS up for some good eats, but not so much in the mood for a movie (caveat, we are pretty much always in the mood for a movie, but sometimes we prefer watching them at home in our underwear.  TMI?)  But while we were eating C remembered that he had seen a preview for the movie they were going to see (Bernie) and had actually wanted to see it, so, being the spontaneous creatures we are, we decided to go along!

And am I ever glad, Bernie was a hoot.  Talk about your (imagine my southern drawl getting more and more pronounced as this sentence goes on) small town, East Texas, God fearin’, home cookin’, laugh out loud, good ole movie.  No less than 18 times I wanted to shout out, “OMG, I totally went to church with that old lady when I was 10!”

In short, Bernie is a friendly guy that works at the small town funeral home where he befriends all the little old ladies that lose their husbands.  In particular he becomes close to the richest widow in town, the one that all the other people hate because she is so uppity and mean spirited (bless her heart).  Well, as the movie goes on and she treats him like her dog as much as her friend, poor Bernie just can’t take it and shoots the old girl, just like that.  (Bless his heart.)  (Sorry, I say that a lot when I let my twang flow.)  (TWSS.)

Anyhoo, the town rallies behind poor Bernie, but of course, he is convicted.

You might think this sounds like a kind of depressing movie.  But I just have to say, it’s downright hilarious.  We loved all the little “truthisms” from the towns people, and were delighted to learn that some of them were actually Carthage resident interviews.  Check out the Texas Monthly article that inspired the movie, and then go see it!!

K’s rating of Bernie: 8/10 mangoes

C’s rating of Bernie: 9/10 mangoes

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