The Fort Worth Food Truck Park

I really want to love it.

C and I have made several trips to the Fort Worth Food Truck Park over the months. We have tried several trucks: Salsa Limon, The Butcher Brothers, Lee’s Grilled Cheese, Karmic Kitchen, Three Lion’s, and some others I can’t remember. And I guess that’s the problem, we haven’t really had any food that is memorable. Nothing that we keep wanting to go back for.


We love the idea. We love the park, the variety, the small business aspect of it. But we haven’t loved the food yet.

Well, with one exception:


We do go back for Red Jett Sweets!!! Cupcakes and now ice cream from a local creamery. Yummo!

So for now we’ll keep stopping by for the cupcakes, in hopes that the food will eventually knock our socks off!

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1 Response to The Fort Worth Food Truck Park

  1. I know what you mean, a great concept is not enough, you have to actually have great food too!

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