Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill, Dallas, TX

Sometimes I have doctor appointments in Dallas that C will join me for, so that we can partake of the culinary offerings on the east side of the metroplex.  When I had an appointment last week, C and I decided we had a craving for one of our old standbys:  Fadi’s.

Fadi’s has locations in both the Dallas and Houston areas, but C had never had it before meeting me.  (I like to think I changed C’s culinary world for the better.  Of course he did the same for me.  I’m thinking in particular of one evening with a surprising little apricot cheesecake number… but I digress.)

Most of it was eaten before we remembered to get a picture…

Anyhoo, I’ve been a fan of Fadi’s for some time.  I love their extra creamy hummus.  They have a GREAT selection of salads and veggies, often catering to the vegetarian crowd,

See those little pickles? AWEsome!

in fact.  Which brings me to a side rant: why is it so hard to put veggies on the menu???  I’m talking to you, Mr. Italian Food.  And to a lesser degree you, Mr. Mexican Food.  And a big ole evil eye to you, Pizza Joint.  So, when I tried this lovely cauliflower side dish at Fadi’s the restaurant immediately made it into the heavy circulation list.  I’ve never had any of their meat offerings besides the gyro meat (although they serve many other options), probably because I’m completely in love with the little pickles that come with it.  Also, the fresh from the oven puffy warm pita bread is to die for.  So good!!

Downsides to Fadi’s?  The gyro meat is good but I’ve had better.  The baklava is not worth buying.  Sometimes (maybe because this is a cafeteria style set up) the quality fluctuates a litte.  (Except for one thing, the fresh pita is always good.)

All in all, Fadi’s has a nostalgic sort of hold over me.  It’s not the best gyro or the best hummus I’ve ever had, but I can’t help myself.  I love it!

K’s rating of Fadi’s: 10/10 mangoes

C’s rating of Fadi’s: 10/10 mangoes

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