The Dark Knight Rises

Disclaimer: Let it be known that K and I don’t read comics.  If I have, it has always been seen with artistic merit only.  (Wait, C!!  I have, in fact, read a comic called Bone.  In the interest of full disclosure, I feel like I had to tell our adoring fans. Moving on.)

Having watched all three of the Christian Bale as Batman movies, I have to say that The Dark Knight Rises is the best.  I think back to the first and second with fond memories, but never have I been more stressed about what was going on.  The fall of a city, the destruction of a soul, unforeseen partners, and being totally helpless as a viewer.  What was the “backbone” to all this?  The performances of Tom Hardy as Bane and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.

Now I could argue that Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight was equally as good if not better, but I won’t.  We will just call it “different”.  However, as the Joker did creep me out in TDK and was true to his craft of chaos, Bane had a brutal fluidity of thought, an elegance to chosen word, and above all I believed him.  This in no way talks about his ability to crush a man’s neck with one hand and this is my point.  He doesn’t need to be physical.  His thoughts/voice supersede any physical prowess.  I believed his wants and needs and this above all else made him frightening.

Anne Hathaway was sneaky, she seemed more like an “average jane” with focused ability. Much more akin to how I have heard Batman described by one of my friends, who is an avid Comic Book Theologist.

He has a lot of money and tech and uses it to fight crime, but he’s just a regular guy.  He has a dark past and issues, but who doesn’t?

I believe it marries well with Catwoman.  She definitely underplayed the role, which could have gone horribly wrong, AKA Halle Berry, but it didn’t.  And she still kicked butt.

I left TDKR completely satisfied.  I foresaw early on in the movie the future of  Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robin.  This was done beautifully and excited to see him possibly take over the franchise.

Michael Cane’s role was also good, but he never disappoints and Christian was good, but not great moreover I was glad his “throaty-voice” was limited.  It kind of got a little annoying in TDK. (Can we please find Mr. Batman a lozenge.)

K’s additional thoughts: Personally, I’m not sure I particularly like Mr. Bale as Batman, in any of the three movies.  But they have all had stellar supporting casts which make up for it.  C, how could you leave out Mr. Fox??  I like Mr. Freeman in pretty much every role he plays, but I especially love him as a genius BFF that makes gadgets like it’s a toy shop.  But even better than Mr. Fox, Bane and Catwoman was that sexy little beast of a motorcycle.  I could watch that thing all day! Rowr!

C’s rating of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises: 8,8.5,9.5.

K’s rating of The Dark Knight Rises: 9 mangoes (I vaguely remember liking the first one, and finding the second one a little too confusing, but still entertaining, but I would have to rewatch to actually rate them.  This one, though, was by far the best!)

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