The Spiral Diner, Fort Worth, TX

Well, after living in Fort Worth for over 12 months, C and I finally got ourselves over to The Spiral Diner with a good friend of ours for lunch.  And boy howdy am I sorry it took us so long!

The Spiral Diner is a locally owned vegan/organic restaurant, with a location near Oak Cliff as well. I don’t really know the story behind the owners and the diner, but from what I’ve read/heard, they seem to be a pretty awesome couple that care about sustainability, local foods, and fair wages.  I’ve also heard rumor that they are developing an empty lot in the same neighborhood for an independent film house.

(not our picture, sorry!)

Anyhoo, whoever is behind it, they’ve created an amazing menu. I had a sweet potato/hummus/veggie wrap with watermelon and tahini sauce on the side.  C had the seitan chopped bbq sandwich with oranges.  Our friend had the summer special salad which was a mix of fresh fruit, nuts, and greens with a raspberry poppyseed vinaigrette.  We split a strawberry banana smoothie (no sweeteners, made with soy milk) since we are all watching calories.

And good gravy was that a delicious lunch!  Fresh, tasty, not too heavy.  I loved the focus on fresh and healthy foods – you can get steamed broccoli or apples and peanut butter as an appetizer – and the fact that we weren’t laden down with a solid 5 lbs. of entree on our plate.

Unfortunately we were too full to sample the organic dessert options but they looked amazing.  There was also agave-sweetened sodas and dairy free ice cream.  So many things to go back for!!

If you are the type of person who thinks vegetarians are weird and aren’t sure what vegans are but think they might be related to witches, first of all, I feel sorry for you.  Second of all, you will not regret trying this restaurant anyway.  There are so many options for meat lovers, and based on our sampling, you will not be disappointed!

C’s rating of The Spiral Diner: 10/10 mangoes

K’s rating of The Spiral Diner: 10/10 mangoes

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