Sleepwalk With Me, by Mike Birbiglia

Perhaps you’ve heard the funny story on This American Life of a comedian falling asleep in a La Quinta Inn, dreaming he has a missile set to target him, and jumping out the (closed) second story window of his room to escape.  As he’s running, bleeding and disoriented, he wakes up and realizes what he’s done. 

Mike Birbiglia has had several guest spots on TAL, and his memoir, Sleepwalk With Me, has just been turned into a movie based on his experiences.

I enjoyed hearing Mike talk about his La Quinta experience, fighting off the giant bugs in his room, falling off the bookcase as he receives his Olympic medal.  But I have to say, his writing voice fell a little flat for me.  I wonder if I would have liked it more as an audiobook.  As a comedian, there is something to the timing, right?  Mike even talks about the long pauses he uses in his acts, but they don’t exactly translate to the page.

Anyway, it was still an entertaining read.  A little slow at parts, and I expected more funny sleepwalking stories, but it was a quick read and inspired a few chuckles.

K’s rating of Sleepwalk With Me: 5/10 mangoes

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