The Woman in Black


Some thoughts:

  • I primarily wanted to see this movie to see post-HP Daniel Radcliffe.  That was a mistake.  It’s best to remember people on a high note.
  • In terms of scare factor, this one ranked fairly high.  Not that I’ve seen many scary movies, but it was scarier than Alien and The Shining, not scarier than Psycho.  Oh, and I’ve seen that one where the tree tries to eat the kid.  It was definitely scarier than that one (with the exception of the clown scene at the end, which I had to close my eyes during.  *Shudder*)
  • DR makes this exact face the whole movie:

It makes it difficult to read his emotions.

  • The scenery was gorgeous.
  • C and I both turned to look at each other with a “Huh?” face at the end.  No resolution, here, folks.  Move along.
  • Why do people do such stupid things in movies??? If you KNOW a psycho ghost woman is trying to take your child’s soul, why would you be so caught up in conversation that you allow said child to wander off?  Honestly.
  • I loved the dog.

K’s rating of The Woman in Black: 4/10 mangoes

C’s rating of The Woman in Black: 6/10 mangoes


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2 Responses to The Woman in Black

  1. Thanks for this — I remember seeing the trailer WAY long time ago. I thought it looked scary. But they probably just took the best parts and put them in the trailer!

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