Dear John Letters

Dear Tortillaland,

C and I have embarked on a personal journey to better health.  Included in this journey is a focus on nutrition, which (unfortunately) has limited some of our most favorite foods.

C and I are trying to keep our sodium consumption under 1500 mg/day.  That doesn’t sound like a big deal, right?  1500 mg is a large number.  But O.M.G. you would not believe how much sodium is put into any and all “pantry item” foods!!  C and I nearly had heart attacks realizing that we may have to say goodbye to tortillas.

And then, we met you, Tortillaland.  At Costco (in the refrigerator section), if you are interested. 210 mg of sodium per tortilla (yes, that is an improvement over every other tortilla in the world.  Sadly.) with no saturated fat, cholesterol, or added sugar.  Win!

So, Tortillaland, thank you.  God bless you.  And we’ll see you for dinner.



(This is not a paid advertisement by Tortillaland.  But we’re not gonna lie, if Tortillaland is reading this, feel free to send us free product.)

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