Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Trailers can be powerful, moreover, have the ability to make my mouth drop to the floor.  I love sushi, i love cooking, I love process, I love when people talk about things that they love.  I was expecting all of this via the 1.5 min trailer, but had to wait to see it on Netflix.  Sadly, a city like mine doesn’t really show these types of movies.  Too artsy maybe.  Nevertheless, it was worth the wait.

The moment the trailer was available on Apple Movie Trailers, I watched and drooled.  It reminded me of the first 5 minutes of Eat Drink Man Woman.  Man o man, that was a glorious movie.  My dad and I didn’t talk about a lot of things, but we could always talk about food.  I remember when I showed him this scene and he uttered the words that I would rarely hear from him…”oh, I loved how he did that.”  If you have the time, take a look.  And if you don’t, watch the first 5 minutes.

But back to Jiro.  I expected a lot of things, but I wasn’t expecting a plethora of process, an obscene amount of slo-mo, and most suprisingly, the voices of many artists among them Jiro.

You meet Jiro and his sons, tour his restaurant(s), and meet his apprentices–artists in the making.  The years of dedication much like an advanced degree can be seen from the faces and fluidity of muscle-memory movement.  The positive “pat on the back” is few and far between.  I can only think of the cliche’–suffering for your passion.

Jiro hasn’t changed his process in 40 years.  In his constant pursuit of perfection, he relies on his son and apprentices.  They prepare, they clean (and it’s pretty immaculate) and all help keep Jiro on top.  And then there are the other artists responsible:  The fishmonger (is that derogatory?), the shrimp specialist, and the rice specialist.  Each are dedicated to the point of insanity and I have to just ask myself…”How much can you know about white sushi rice?”  It goes to show that you can’t take anything for granted.  You can see Art in everything and in any situation.  It was an absolute joy to hear these artists/specialists talk about their passion.

Japan is on my Bucket List.  Someday K and I will go.  Jiro’s has also made the list.  I can’t wait to go.  A month in advance notice for reservations and the meals start at $300.

Maybe someday.

C’s rating of Jiro: 9 mangoes

K’s rating of Jiro: 9 mangoes

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