At least K tried

She gave it plenty of chances for redemption.  The cussing got too much for her.  I on the other hand, love this movie.   Here are the some reasons I like it:

  1. My favorite thing to do while watching is linking Walter’s idiosyncrasies to my dad’s.  This always makes me and my brother laugh out loud.
  2. Listen to the Dude’s utterance of words he has learned/heard from someone else.
  3. Did I mention Walter.
  4. The nod to the Bowling aesthetic.
  5. The 67 cent check.
  6. The dreamy Bob Dylan song The Man In Me

Too many to list…

C’s rating of The Big Lebowski: 9 mangoes

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1 Response to At least K tried

  1. It’s true, C, the F bombs got a little too fast and furious for me. But that was faaaaar from my biggest issue with that movie. 🙂 I still love you, though.

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