Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Oh Brad Bird, we haven’t seen you in a while.  I knew your name rang familiar tones in my memories.  The Iron Giant, one of my all time favorite animated features. (still makes me tear up)  And The Incredibles. You nailed that one for Pixar and you got to work with your friends again.  And so, you have moved on meet the spokesman for “marrying young, Scientologist, likes to run, and t-shirt wearing Mr. Cruise.”  Actually, I don’t mind him or his acting.  I think it’s because I can remember him as far back as TAPS and The Outsiders.  I never saw Risky Business, nevertheless, I did grow up watching his movies.

So, Ghost Protocol.  Meh.  I still think the first MI movie is the best, but this one comes in at a close second.  My favorite thing by far, was that almost every gadget was broken.  Classic, I thought of Get Smart for some reason when this would happen. “Missed it by that much!”

Simon Pegg.  You were fantastic in Sean of the Dead, Star Trek and you didn’t fail for MIGP.  Good Job.

All in all, cool story and amazing footage, but the story seemed a little too long.  I think I heard my little voice say “ok, let’s wrap it up people.”

K, your thoughts?

Thanks for asking, C. I have two thoughts:

“That is SO dangerous!”


“Hm, he’s still got it.”

Wait, I have another.

“Aaaaannndd, cue cliche car chase.”

Ok, that’s it.

C’s rating of Ghost Protocol: 5/10 mangoes

K’s rating of Ghost Protocol: 5/10 mangoes

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