Mariposa’s Latin Kitchen, Fort Worth

K and I work out at 24 Hour Fitness and since going almost everyday, the smells from the surrounding restaurants usually make me weak in the knees.  I assure you, it’s not the leg workout.  I’ll tell you what it is.  It’s that dang Szechuan restaurant just beyond the parking lot.  They are calling my tastebuds for a visit.

Businesses are starting to come back to our neighborhood.  There is the usual fair: Subway, Jersey Mikes, Wendy’s, Taco Hell, Starbucks, Sonic and the like.  And so I am not saying that we are devoid of business, but there are some empty spaces for small independent business-the underdog–the one that you want to support.

Mariposa’s is such a place.  We saw it getting up and ready.  Construction crews were out in force in the past weeks.  K and I were excited.

We also met a gentleman handing out flyers and was genuine about the up and coming restaurant.  We wanted to stop by soon and we did.

Very new.  Very clean.  Order at the counter and sit or take home.  I don’t know why I was thinking strictly sit-down.

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K ordered Fish and Shredded Beef Tacos, I had Steak and Chicken Tacos, and our friend went for it all and had a Shredded Beef Tamale covered in cheese.

Now, I grew up with heated and warmed tortillas.  Handmade or store bought.  They were always cooked in some way.  I can remember my dad throwing them directly on the gas burner to cook.  I would love the way he would throw them on our plate, still hot and smoking at times.  Flour and corn tortillas were done this way.  My grandparents were my only experience with family made, homemade tortillas.  These were cooked as well.  I only say this because I am still not used to the cold or room temperature tortilla.  I am also not used to the “right out of the package” tortilla.  It just has to be hot or warm. It just has to be.  Anything else is off putting.  Heck, even Chipotle steam heats theirs.

So it is with some sadness that the tortillas were of the non-heated/cooked type.  This was a little off-putting, but I got through it because the rest was pretty good.  K didn’t even share her Fish.  This is how good it was.  She usually shares.

(Ahhhh, maybe its because I find an uncooked corn tortilla is a DRY tortilla.)

My steak and chicken weren’t bad, but I was expecting a bigger portion.  It seemed a little skimpy for $3.50.  Maybe I’m used to the plump fixin’s at Fuzzy’s.

Big Winner: Shredded Beef Tamale.  Get it. Get it now!  There was a lot of cheese on it, but we like cheese.

Bigger Winner:  They use “green” packaging.  I don’t feel guilty about throwing away some plastic monstrosity of a container.

K’s Rating of Mariposa’s: 8 Mangoes

C’s Rating of Mariposa’s: 6.5 Mangoes, 8 for tamale, 9 for Cradle to Cradle wishes

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