Carbonero, Huntsville, TX

On our way back from Houston, we were hankerin’ for some din din.  We don’t usually leave late on a Sunday because we both have to work the next day, but this was a special trip–a “cheat-weekend” trip.

K and I have been on a lifestyle change for about 10 weeks and every now and again we get a rumblin’ in the tum tum for some guilt-induced pleasure.

This meal was the end to a perfect cheat weekend and a superb find.  Nestled in the rolling hills of Hunstvile, this gem is at the end of a strip of stores I can’t remember and a BBQ joint.  BBQ wasn’t available on a Sunday. (Welcome to Texas) Otherwise, we would have decimated that place.  I am glad it wasn’t open.  Carbonero is amazing.

K had roasted Chicken and Papusa(bean and cheese) while I went for roasted chicken and steak tacos.  Both came with rice, which was the best out of all the items, but people, we are talking about a  really high bar.  The chicken, tacos, papusa, and salsa were fantastic.  Did I mention the salsa was warm…I love that.  We devoured all!

Now, it can’t be all that great.  After all, given a long enough timeline, you can nitpick things to death.  It wasn’t all sunshine and roses.  With that said, there must have been a sewage issue, or someone had a GI tract issue before we got there because there was an “offensive odor” of some origin.  As we parked, there were also two rambunctious kids wresting in the doorway, which I honestly found pretty funny.  By the time we entered, they were separated and assuming an all too familiar posture of shame.

If you have the time and are traveling between Houston and Dallas, go.  You will love it.

K’s Rating of Carbonero: 7 mangoes (Salsa by itself: 9 mangoes)

C’s Rating of Carbonero: 8 mangoes (Salsa: 9, Rice: 10) (K thinks all my high ratings are based on butter content)

(she might be right)

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