CTIFOTI – Products for Women

It’s time for another 

Okay, this isn’t exactly cool as in interesting and valuable.  It’s more like cool as in funny and also annoying. And also sort of insulting.

Today’s CTIFOTI is all about Products for Women!

I’m sure most of you have seen Bic’s entry into today’s CTIFOTI, as it’s been well abused on Ellen. (If you’ve missed it, please read the customer reviews on Amazon. Seriously, some of them are fantastic.)

Bic Pens for Her, for all of your dictation, recipe card, and love letter needs.

And some of you have probably seen the coverage on Fujitsu’s pink and accessory-ready monstrosity. I just love how the mouse matches my birth control pouch!

The Fujitsu Floral Kiss, complete with rhinestone indicator lights.

But this one was new for me, and I think wins the grand prize:

The Honda Fit She’s, in eye-shadow matching colors and a little heart on the logo. Feminine AND functional.

If I ever doubted that Japan could take cute too far, here’s the proof.  The all new Honda Fit She’s just for women!  How did I ever survive man-ac and the man-windshield in my Toyota?

Honestly, it almost makes me sorry that I like pink.

Favorite paragraph from the linked article:

There’s a long and embarrassing history of automakers attempting to lure women with ladies-only models. At the turn of the 20th century, electric cars were marketed to wives with the pitch that their lack of hand-crank starting would avoid broken shoulders and/or death. In 1955, Chrysler made a bid for feminine attention with the Dodge LaFemme — which came in a two-tone pink-and-white paint scheme, along with a storage place for the matching purse and rain hat. Lest you think modern executives learned from errors of the past, in 2000 Ford showed off a concept Windstar minivan developed with Maytag featuring a compact washer/dryer, microwave and vacuum in the rear hatch, because why would a soccer mom ever want to be parted from her appliances?

The next time someone wonders why I think companies should actively include women in their top management and board of directors?  I think I’ll point them here.

(caveat: BIC does actually have a female EVP and a couple of women on the board of directors.  Unbelievable.)

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