George’s Specialty Foods, Fort Worth, TX

George’s Specialty Foods has been on my We Must Eat Here list ever since C and I moved to Fort Worth, but they have fairly restricted hours and gyros don’t exactly fit into our lifestyle change as a common occurrence, not to mention a mysterious period of time when the restaurant was closed down, so it’s taken us a while to get there.

C and I had our first real date over gyros and Greek salad, so they hold a special place in our hearts.  Of course, on our first real date I had some sort of stomach virus that made me feel violently nauseous whenever I ate.  I’m sure as I sat there and picked at my food poor C vacillated between thinking either I hated gyros (the horror!) or I was one of those girls that wouldn’t eat in front of a boy so as to not seem a pig.  Ha!  Was he in for a surprise or what?

At any rate, we had some business to attend to in the area this past weekend, so we popped in for a late lunch.  First off, the pros:

  • As you know, I tend to prefer a silky hummus, but George’s hummus was a hearty, chunky sort that surprised me in how much I enjoyed it.
  • Plenty of nice hot pita to go with the hummus.
  • Lots of meat on the gyros.
  • Everything tasted fresh and not too salty (which we’ve really been noticing lately since we’ve cut back our salt intake)


  • The baklava was decent but not good enough to order it again.  I’m still looking for someplace that beats homemade since it takes so long to prepare.
  • C wanted more veggies (perhaps served with the hummus), but that may have been more a reflection of our ordering choices than what was actually available. I think he really was just missing the cauliflower from Fadi’s.
  • C also thought the gyros had too much meat to other stuff ratio.  Although I disagree, I’m putting it here in the interest of fair and impartial journalism.
  • I was expecting more of a Greek food store based on the name.  Maybe that’s not a con, but I had been hoping to pick up a fun grocery item to try out at home.  This is not the place for that.

All in all, I liked it.  I’d go back the next time we’re in the mood for gyros and don’t want to drive all the way to Dallas for it.  It didn’t quite live up to the hype I had heard (or maybe created in my mind since we’ve been trying to get there for nearly 2 years), but it was fresh, yummy, and VERY filling.



K’s rating of George’s Specialty Foods: 7/10 mangoes

C’s rating of George’s Specialty Foods: 6.5/10 mangoes

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