Question of the Day

Is it just me, or is there an intense amount of news coverage and job loss over this whole David Patraeus “scandal” going on?  I’ve heard a bit of coverage on Morning Edition, skimmed the headlines on the NYT app, but I’m failing to see why this is such a big scandal?  Did he share state secrets over pillow talk?  Was the mistress a communist organizer?  Did I miss some part of the story?  Or do we just have nothing to talk about in the news now that the election is over?

I’m buying this T shirt for all the journalists out there that keep reporting on this until they find a knife wielding spy assassin involved in the story.

I’m going to go on the record here.  Movies and Mangoes are firmly pro-marriage and anti-cheating on your spouse.  But let’s get a little perspective here.  And if I AM missing something, please inform me!  I hate being confused…

Thank you.

Make love (to your committed partner), not war.

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