Lunch box review

C and I usually pack a lunch during the working day.  Not only are we still on course with our lifestyle change (and you just can’t beat homemade for keeping those sodium levels down), but we also are trying to be budget conscious.

sistemaWe picked up this little Sistema Klip It lunch box at The Container Store (but I’ve seen them other places, as well as on Amazon), just before the current school year started.  It’s been a big winner in our lunch packing routine.  Not appropriate for wet items (the container’s partitions don’t seal – we use glass pyrex containers for wet stuff right now) it makes a great sandwich/snack box.

Our main interest in buying a lunch box was originally to reduce waste, and we wanted to cut out the plastic baggies that we used to use for packing up our snacks.  But portion control is also important and the divided sections have been nice to parcel out a couple different types of snacks in manageable quantities.  SAMSUNG

These guys are also BPA free, come in a range of colors, and were pretty inexpensive (less than 10 bucks, if I remember correctly).

(By the way, those green sticks are Snap Pea Crisps… basically little baked chips made of pureed snap peas and rice flour, and very lightly salted.  Delish!!  I’m not sure if they count, technically, as a serving of vegetables, but they are pretty yummo.)

K’s rating of Sistema Klip It Lunch Box: 9/10 mangoes

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