Super Deluxe Dragon Pheonix (AKA Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, 2011)


Decay is beautiful.  Old is beautiful.  The same can be said for the location and people of this movie.  And although, there are no real mysteries pertaining to the story, this movie resides in that all too familiar ‘feel good’ side of the brain.  And even though I’ve seen this formula before in other movies, it seemed refreshing to sit in the open non-aircondined air and take in the visuals.  I couldn’t help think that it was somehow riding the coattails of Slumdog Millionaire.  Maybe because they both shared the actor Dev Patel.

Bill Nighy, oh Bill Nighy, I still quote you in Pirates, in which you were amazing and you didn’t fail us in Marigold.  Boy, you can still charm the pants off of me. (I loved the high-five)  Maggie Smith, excellent as usual, cold, pretentious, racist and I believed every word. Judy Dench, you never fail me. And finally, Tom Wilkinson, I loved the scene when you finally caught up with your past.

If you like exotic run-down places and movies about family and falling in love, then by all means, take a gander.  We both loved it.

Favorite scene:  Pool in the middle of this what seemed to be a maze of steps.  Beautiful.

C’s rating of Marigold: 8/10 Mangoes

K’s rating of Marigold: 8/10 Mangoes

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