The Descendants, 2011


Please explain this to me.  Is this a new trend in movies?  Is this movie about being “real”?  Is this state of “being real” what won it for Best Picture?  I am confused.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not insensitive, I am just confused.  I do understand and sympathize/empathize with the emotions in the movie.  The loss of family is tough on all involved, especially those that don’t understand.

There were too many unresolved and confusing things.  The music related to the location, but not to the movie.  I felt distracted by it.  I didn’t feel connected to the family.  Their history was only represented by a couple of exchanges.  Some more development was needed.

Side note: Is everyone in Hawaii that has money Caucasian and do they wear nothing but Hawaiian shirts?  What kind of message is this sending?

C writes his own ending: On beach of entrusted land.  Youngest daughter and dad by campfire as the sun goes down.  The older daughter walking with Sid with fire wood.  Music and slow fade out.

Done and done.  This makes sense to me.  This resolves it for me.  But maybe this is too far of a leap for the dad/family?  Progress takes time and a camping trip doesn’t solve, but it is a good start.  Instead you have the girls sitting on dad’s either side, eating ice cream and watching some nature show narrated by Morgan Freeman.  Baby steps, i guess.

Best Scenes: With camera poised with door slightly ajar, Dad with lips moving uttering the words “i love you” to his dying daughter.  Clooney saying goodbye to his wife.  (Both of these scenes hit home for me on a personal level)

C’s Rating of The Descendants: 6/10 Mangoes

K’s Rating of The Descendants: 3/10 Mangoes (K says, it would have fallen in the “At Least We Tried” category for me, if I’d been watching it alone.)

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