Battleship (…Smattleship), 2012

220px-Battleship_PosterDear Battleship Producers,

Shame on you.  You threw everything in but the galley sink.  I think this is why Mr. Neeson only agreed to do 10 min of your awful movie.  And, although we did get through it, which, incidentally now, does not make it qualify for a “WE TRIED” category (and it certainly should have), we would like the 2 hours of our life back.

Well, maybe 1 hour, 59 minutes and 54 seconds.  I will submit 6 seconds for our favorite line of the movie.

“They killed my grad student.”

Disappointingly, M&M

C’s Rating of Smattleship: 1.5 Mango (This is for the CG effects)

K’s Rating of Smattleship: 1 Mango (for the geeky scientist.  I was going to give him 2 mangoes until he smashed the alien in the head with his briefcase.  Totally ruined it for me.  Seriously, though.  The acting was horrible, the plot cliche, the script laughable.  Why did we watch the whole thing, C?)

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