Mirror, Mirror 2012

LR-ModusFX_Mirror_Mirror_01Go for the forest, stay for the fashion.  Other than that, I wasn’t paying attention.

K, your thoughts?

C, I think the fact that you were distracted by the dirt bike game was a little unfair to Mirror, Mirror.  Now, I’ll grant you, this was not high-brow entertainment.  But I have to say, I just was completely happy with this movie.  It was silly and funny (and yes, a little dumb) and sweet.  Did I like it so much because it was way past my bedtime and the giggles had already set in?  I suppose that’s a possibility.  But like it I did.

C’s Rating of Mirror, Mirror: 4 Mangoes.

K’s rating of Mirror, Mirror, proclaimed without shame: 7 Mangoes!

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