Snow White and The Huntsman, 2012

215px-Snow_White_and_the_Huntsman_PosterLeaps and bounds better than Mirror, Mirror, with one fatal flaw…Kristen Stewart.  She was annoying, but I can’t remember why?  Now that’s pretty bad.  Like a bad taste in your mouth, but you can’t remember what you ate.  Better acting and  better effects. (than Mirror)


Actually, C,  I preferred Mirror, Mirror.  I think it’s interesting that you found Kristen Stewart annoying but can’t remember why, because that’s kind of my feeling about the movie as a whole.  I can’t really remember much about it.  I seem to remember being somewhat entertained, and liking some of the special effects, but to be honest, I found the movie pretty forgettable.  Perhaps that is because I’m not a big fan of any of the principles in this movie (Ms. Stewart, Charlize Theron, or the dude that played Thor).

C’s Rating of Snow White: 5.5/10 mangoes

K’s Rating of Snow White: 5/10 mangoes

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