Safety Not Guaranteed, 2012

safety-not-guaranteed-classified-ad1Thinking about an old flame?  Wish you could go back change things?  You can, but you must train.

Why are there so many movies nowadays that leave K and I saying “Is that it?”  SNG did not disappoint in this regard, however, it did with respect to tying all the character’s lives together.  I would give them the unresolved ending, if they had done me this kindness.  It seems there are parallels with old girlfriends, but that’s it.  It’s a shame it doesn’t quite work out for Jeff.  Moreover, that he spreads his childish tantrums to poor intern Arnau.


So what did K and I love.  We loved Kenneth.  We loved his passion and seriousness.  We believed him. Much like Dwight from the Office, he played the paranoid guerrilla tactics, martial arts trained nerd way too well.  And as for the Washington scenery…I want to move right now.  The flame’s house, chickens and garden were too die for.  I would have stayed for that, let alone an amazing pie every now and again.(easy on the jokes)  And then there is the scene next too the moss ridden truck.  I wish I had a sanctuary like that somewhere.  Ancient, decaying, love, love, love.


C’s Rating of Safety Not Guaranteed: 7.5 Mangoes

K’s Rating of Safety Not Guaranteed: 6 Mangoes

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