Midnight Cowboy, 1969

(New Category: Better Late than Never – non current movies in circulation.  Classics, previous award winners and even movies that I have seen 100 times like Barbarella.  What?)

images-1I remember when George thought he bought a car driven by Jon Voight.  I remember how the Seinfeld episode played out in similar fashion to the movie, but I only know this because other people let me in on the joke.

I remember that my dad had rented the movie on VHS (Video Home System, remember these?)  It intrigued me, but I thought it was porn and off limits so, I didn’t watch, even secretively.

So now, 20 odd years later, I have finally clicked on the picture and watched thanks to our much beloved Mr. Netflix.

It reminded me of student work.  Collages of imagery fading in and out.  Past and present fading in and out as we become more familiar with our main character.  But, maybe this was the “new” style back then.  It wasn’t too distracting after I reminded myself that the film industry was a different animal back then.  Of course I say that having not even been born yet.

Back to the movie…New York eats Joe alive.  His once grand ideas of wooing and bedding down with rich women take nasty turn after turn, and eventually slowly turns our dark hero into nothing more than a broken man.   The underlying social commentary of big city life, consumerism and social class are peppered deliberately.  On a more humorous note is the idea of “Shangri-La” in the great state of Florida.  This contrasts greatly with the dark, dank and cold of NYC and the tame “there’s nothing to do here” of small town Texas.

I can’t help but wanting to research the redefining of the cowboy as a “look” rather than a job.  Where the fashion became what was “in” at the time.  It’s interesting how time changes fashion, popular culture and how the public takes things/people/places to icon status.

I enjoyed the movie even with the sad ending.  But, I couldn’t help thinking of several things:

  • How the poster for Midnight Cowboy and Rainman look very similar.  Coincidence?
  • imagesKramer crying at the end of Seinfeld episode as “Ratzo” stand in.
  • NYC = evil, Florida = good, Texas = meh
  • How much Dustin Hoffman at that age and  in the Graduate reminds me of Jason Schwartzman.  I think I have Wes Anderson to thank for that.
  • I really wanted Joe to succeed. He was indicative of us all when we have that first big idea of making money.627the_graduate

C’s Rating of Midnight Cowboy: 7.5/10 mangoes

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3 Responses to Midnight Cowboy, 1969

  1. Dillypoo says:

    I haven’t watched MC either. And stop reminding me that I’m just THAT MUCH OLDER THAN YOU!

  2. I’ve always loved this movie. Wasn’t it rated X or something when it first came out?!
    Then later, I found out that my friend’s mom had a cameo appearance — she’s the one he asks where the Statue of LIberty is, and she says, “You aren’t really looking for the Statue of LIberty, are you?” or something that that effect…. 🙂

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