Garment of Shadows, by Laurie R. King

Several years ago a friend recommended The Beekeeper’s Apprentice to me.  An updated take on one of my favorite characters, Sherlock Holmes, Laurie R. King has imagined a world where a retired Holmes stumbles (quite literally) upon an apprentice.  The apprentice chronicles their adventures together, in what is usually a witty and fun addition to the Holmes cannon.

garment of shadows

I loved the Beekeeper’s Apprentice and several of the books that followed.  I liked most of them.  But lately the series had seemed to really be falling flat, culminating in the tragedy that was Pirate King, and I was wondering if Ms. King had run out of things to say about Russell and Holmes.

Luckily she seems to have found her footing again in the latest installment, Garment of Shadows.  Russell and Holmes are in Morocco and team up with their old Palestinian friends Ali and Mahmoud to uncover a sinister assassination plot.  Although I do miss the old murder mystery days of the early novels, this was probably my favorite book of the series since Locked Rooms.


K’s rating of Garment of Shadows: 7/10 mangoes

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