The Odd Life of Timothy Green

After watching The Descendants, I couldn’t help but feel like C and I needed some Feel Good Movie Watching.  I was hesitant as he loaded The Odd Life of Timothy Green into the DVD player, because it had been poorly reviewed.  But then, The Descendants got rave reviews and I thought it was barely watchable.  Just goes to show, right?

I would REALLY like to say that The Odd Life of Timothy Green was an amazing movie, in order to stick it to the man (or the Academy, or to whomever it would be appropriate to stick it to when we take back entertainment for the joy of it), but unfortunately the movie was cute but not that good.

The-Odd-Life-of-Timothy-Green-CJ-AdamsThings I liked:

– the kids

– the guy that tried to cut off his leaves

– the idea that everyone’s a little odd

– how Timothy scored the winning goal

– the shot of the two kids together on the bike

– Joni’s ability to stand up to Timothy’s mom

– the idea of burying your dreams about your ideal child

– the idea that a perfect child doesn’t exist, but that your child can be perfect for you

Things I didn’t like:

– the one-up-manship between the sisters

– Jennifer Garner

– actually, the acting by everyone but CJ Adams and Odeya Rush (et tu, Dianne Wiest?)

– the obviousness of what was coming next

– the choppiness.  Was this based on a book?  It seemed like there were a lot of points (the drought, the pencil factory) that were there but completely secondary to the movie.  We thought perhaps there was a book that actually went into more detail.  If not, what was with this movie?  Bad editing?

– the obvious projection of the parent’s issues onto Timothy.  Maybe this is something all parents do, but the scene with Timothy’s dad and grandpa at the big soccer game was just painful and embarrassing.

– the whole adoption application set up mini plot

All in all, the movie was cute but just not well executed.  Luckily it was the holidays and we got our fill with Elf, Home Alone, and White Christmas to break the movie lull!

K’s rating of The Odd Life of Timothy Green: 5/10 mangoes

C’s rating of The Odd Life of Timothy Green: 6.5/10 mangoes

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2 Responses to The Odd Life of Timothy Green

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  2. CMrok93 says:

    Good review. Even though there isn’t anything really special behind this story that you haven’t seen before, it’s still a nice and enjoyable family-oriented flick that will teach kids that it’s ok to be weird. Just always stay true to yourself no matter what.

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