Surviving Progress, 2011

C and I are quite the fans of documentaries, and one of our favorite aspects of our Netflix service is that we get a chance to see so many that would’ve completely passed under our radar.

Surviving Progress (2011)Last week we watched Surviving Progress, a rambling sort of documentary that touches on cognition and evolution, economics and national debt, the industrial revolution and the environment, genetics and biotechnology, and all kinds of other things.  But in a good way.

We are presented with the question, at what cost?  At what cost has come our standard of living?  At what cost has come our acquisition-based life style?  Are we still the hunter-gatherer humans of tens of thousands of years ago thrust into a world we don’t know how to control?  Is it possible to solve the problems of technology with more technology?  Is it possible to even go back?


Has someone made a documentary just on primate research in cognition? These guys were the best part!

With interviews with Stephen Hawking, Jane Goodall, this awesome guy named Vaclav Smil I hadn’t heard of before, and many many others, Surviving Progress was a well done, balanced (okay, mostly balanced) look at what “progress” is changing in our world, and where unchecked “progress” may lead us.  Highly recommended, with the caveat that some of the economics stuff got a little boring.

K’s rating of Surviving Progress: 7.5/10 mangoes

C’s rating of Surviving Progress: 7/10 mangoes

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