Looper, 2012

**Spoilers abound**

C and I watched Looper, after much anticipation and an agonizingly long wait, this weekend.  I’m not sure if I’ve had enough time to process it yet.  Look at this face, people:

looper sidThe movie was wonderful, and completely lived up to the hype.  So let’s start with the stuff I didn’t like:  First, Piper Perabo’s boobs were a total distraction and pointless in this movie.  Why do movie makers do that?  Second, I can’t believe my beloved Bruce Willis would actually ax a kid, and I’m in denial about that whole scene.  Third, time travel movies make my head hurt and I don’t understand why they could just chop off everything but the torso of that guy and not effect the future in anyway that just killing the poor bloke wouldn’t do.

Looper_bwOtherwise, this movie was awesome.  I read that some people thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s makeup was creepy but I thought it was great.  There were moments that he channeled Bruce so well that I had to back up and watch it again.  Brilliant make up job, but even more – brilliant acting.

Looper - Joseph Gordon-LevittAlso, Pierce Gagnon is the cutest most frightening most heart-breaking kid I’ve ever seen in a movie (did you see that face?).  I’m still getting choked up thinking about him.  Honestly, I cried through all the credits.  Cid and his Plight.  **sigh**

All in all, an entertaining, well-done, moving, surprising, imaginative, and only a bit confusing film.

C?  Your thoughts?

K’s rating of Looper: 8/10 mangoes

C’s rating of Looper: 7/10 mangoes

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