Premium Flush (Premium Rush) – 2012

Bicycles are beautiful.  I grew up playing soccer and recreational riding with friends.  In the matter of full disclosure, it was more romanticism than anything else.  I watched professional riders during ABC’s coverage of the Tour de France and was seduced.  The design of the jerseys, the cool looking helmets and when Greg Lemond used a new style of handle bar, I was smitten.  Even after all the allegations and confessions of Cycling being a “dirty” sport, (Which one isn’t?)  I still think bicycles are beautiful.  I often fantasized about collecting, but it may be an expensive hobby.  That’s why I am starting with collecting pictures of bikes instead.

Movies of that time, which I watched religiously were American Flyers and Quicksilver.  Although both had some serious overtones, I still enjoyed immensely.

Fast forward 20 or so years and here we have Premium Rush.  Even the trailer had some deja vu moments.  Hmmm?  This looks like Quicksilver.  I wonder if this is going to be a remake?  And while it wan’t a shot for shot remake, I will say that it was definitely influenced by Quicksilver.  Now, we could play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon all day long, but I do prefer Q over PR.

This decision was made right after the comical performance of Michael Shannon as the “living on the edge, dirty cop”. Pretty sad.  For some reason his portrayal was more akin to Abbot and Costello.  It made it more palpable once I thought of this, kind of like seeing your audience naked when you give a speech.

Favorite line: “I’m about to scare the hell out of this thing”

Favorite movie with Joseph Gordon Levitt:  Brick (2005)

And a side note, is there a pattern with Aasif Mandvi as Raj.  He played the same role in Spiderman-2.

C’s rating of Premium Rush: 4/10

K’s rating of Premium Rush: 1/10 mangoes

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