Tae Kook Dang, Dallas TX

IMG_0035K has too many tales of the “awkward co-worker lunch”, that they all blend together.  So it was with apprehension that some good news came out of these weekly rituals.  She said that after our dumpling visit, we would be in the neighborhood to get some Korean Bakery sweets.  I didn’t refuse.  I am always up for it.  Keep exercising folks!  This is how I stave off the Diabetes.



K mentioned that there was this glorious white cake at a Korean Bakery of which, she could not pronounce.  We have come to learn that it is called Tae Kook Dang.  There are lots of sweets to choose from,but we were after that gorgeous looking white cake.  There were also intimate little booths to sit in and stay awhile.  So cozy looking.

We will definitely come and stay next time.

The cake lasted 2.5 days.  And we are still burning it off at the gym.


C’s rating of Tae Kook Dang: 8.5/10mangoes

K’s rating of Tae Kook Dang: 8/10 mangoes

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